Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 Spring Break or Why I Love Indoor Plumbing

Southern Utah is a great place to visit in the Springtime--not too hot and not too cold.  We spent the first part of our week at the Ranch owned by Jon's grandmother.  Yes, along with free accommodations, there is usually some digging, cleaning, or yard work that comes with the deal:)  This time it was digging a trench to connect the pump house to the electricity.  Little did we know that the trench would offer our kids, and the other cousins, endless hours of entertainment. It was shocking how many games they could invent using the trench and how much fun they had playing in a hole in the ground!

We were also able to get in some hiking and playing by the river.  I love being out somewhere so remote, away from civilization, listening to the wind whip through the canyon.  I feel so free and at peace.  This is the perfect escape, that is, when you have indoor plumbing.  You see, everything was shut off to the cabin because of the digging, so we were without running water, power, and, worst of all, toilet facilities.  Let's just say I am very thankful for indoor plumbing and we will leave it at that!  

View of some of the Ranch property from opposite hill.  Grandma Foote's cabin is on the right hand side at the bottom of the cliff.  (A-frame under the "triangle" rock formation.)

The kids in the trench:  Nathan, Ruby, Audrey, Melissa, Maddie, Isaac, Tyler, and Camille. 

Melissa, Audrey, and Nate relaxing by the river

Jon and Nate digging in the sand

So, after our "adventurous" but very fun stay at the Ranch, we headed over to St. George to stay in a condo with Chris and Stacey.  We went on some hikes, played tennis, and the kids got in a lot of swimming.  The men went off and did their favorite bike ride on their favorite trail--Gooseberry Mesa.  Tyler has proven himself as a mountain biker so Jon invited him along as well.  Don't ask me how I allow them to go on this bike ride when you see these pictures!  Jon assures me they are very careful.  Yeah right.  I say my prayers every time they go.  Anyway, they love it.  

The last night we were in St. George, we went to.... well....paradise.  Brad and Lindsay Foster invited us to go to her parents' house in St. George and swim at their pool.  Their backyard has everything from a treehouse, pool, and pond, to amazing landscaping and flowers galore.  The pool had a high dive, low dive, and a zip line!  The kids and adults had so much fun!  The best part for me was their patio--technically I think you would call it a Conservatory, but everyone gives me a strange look when I call it that.  Sliding glass doors on two sides, lots of gorgeous plants, comfy and padded patio furniture, a gentle breeze flowing through, and soft music that truly made me feel like I was on an island instead of in the desert!  I was in such a trance and state of relaxation that I didn't even think to take pictures, sorry!  You will just have to settle for pictures of the kids in the pool at the hotel and pics of our hike to Snow Canyon.  And I will keep visualizing my dream Conservatory!

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