Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bear Lake

Bear Lake is one of the highlights of the summer, for all of us. The kids love the water, sand, and cousins, and we love the shallow water, all of Garry's "toys", and that it actually is relaxing for the adults as well as the kids. You grab the lawn chairs and blow-up toys, head to the beach, and you don't have to move unless you want to. It is the one weekend of the year that my skin (besides my face and arms) sees sunshine. It is so much fun, and a family tradition that I hope will continue for many years to come.

It seems funny that when I take pictures of my children each year, they are doing the exact same thing as they were doing the year before. Tyler has so much fun pushing the kids around in the boat (I think he was some sort of an engine in a previous life). Isaac is always building sand castles and not looking at the camera (too busy). Audrey always puts on her best smile for the camera and is usually splashing around in the shallow water with the other little girls. And Nathan is just.....Nathan, looking cute and getting away with murder:) Thank goodness for Bear Lake. It just wouldn't be Summer without it!