Thursday, March 29, 2012

In the merry merry month of May (2011)

My father-in-law, Neal, has said that May is his favorite month because the Heber Valley looks so beautiful. I would have to agree. Driving from Heber towards the mountains, I simply stare and the beautiful vista in front of me. I love the contrast of the blue sky with the white snow-capped mountains, and then the white mountains, contrasted with the green grasses and leaves. No doubt there is a Creator, and He is an Artist.
View of Mount Timpanogos from our house. Can you see the Indian Princess lying down across the top? Great Indian legend about this mountain. My favorite view in the valley!

I don't know what the kids would do all Summer without a trampoline. The joy and unity it brings to my children has outweighed the far.

Nate....up close and personal!
When he wasn't on the trampoline, Nate was on his bike.
And Isaac playing basketball.
Audrey received the Academic Achievement Award in her first grade class.
Audrey's 7th birthday on field day!
Audrey's friends who came to celebrate her birthday: Allison Besendorfer and Lily Child.
Memorial Day at the Richmond Cemetery in front of Grandpa and Grandma Lewis's headstone.
Great Aunt Dottie and friend at the Richmond Cemetery.
Nathan's favorite way to fall asleep--with his right hand in his left armpit!

Daddy Daughter Date--Spring 2011

Once again, dear followers, there is no typo on the date. Just go with me on this, okay? Last Spring we had a Daddy Daughter Date for the Activity Day girls and their fathers. Since Audrey and Lucy were the daughters of the organizers, they got to go on a date with their dads as well! I didn't want to be date-less, so I asked my own "daddy" to be my date. He still has the moves, and was a very good sport to come with me. I didn't make him participate in the relay game, however. That was for the best since Jon is such a stiff competitor. He probably would have tripped one of us just to get ahead (notice the picture with everyone lined up along the stage and you will see what I mean!) The relay consisted of the girls tying a tie on their father/grandfather and the fathers painting the girls' nails and making a braid in their hair. The funnest part of the night was, in my opinion, the dancing. It was a fun and unique experience to see these dads get "down" and sometimes down-right goofy with their daughters.

Audrey and "Opa in Idaho"

Audrey with her date, Jon (dad)

Dinner table with Kate and Bill Hosack

My groovy disco dad!!!

With these girls, it is hard not to have fun!

Ready, set, Kym goes last!

Kam the beautician

Morgan tying grandpa's (Alan's) tie