Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fall Family Photos

I am finally getting around to posting our family photos that we took this Fall. It was a perfect day to picnic in one of my favorite spots. On a beautiful and sunny Saturday in October, the Lewis family met at Mack Park in Smithfield, Utah, to celebrate my mother's birthday. I love Mack Park for the beautiful trees and stream, the quiet surroundings, but mostly for all of the childhood memories that I have of running up and down the hills, hiding in the trees, and floating sticks down the river. Add to the picturesque location some sunny Fall weather and the beautiful colors of red, yellow, and orange everywhere, and you have the perfect day to picnic and play.

Our brother-in-law, Curtis Isaak, was kind enough to agree to take our family photos for us this year. He is incredibly talented and really knows what he is doing (he also may have a very nice camera as well that adds some amazing textures and shades to the pictures). He had a bit of a hard time getting the boys to sit still long enough to take their pictures, but Audrey was more than happy to pose for as many pictures as needed, as you will see:) Curtis finally just started taking action shots of Nate, but they turned out really great. I love all of these pictures, but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Audrey next to the leaves. The contrast of the colors in the picture are simply stunning with her golden hair. Well done, Curtis! It is so nice to have a photographer in the family now:) Both he and my sister are so incredibly artistic (really wish I had gotten the artistic genes, but didn't). If you want to see any of their amazing "goings-on" their blogs are and Curtis is the main blogger, but hoping that Katie posts some pictures of the amazing prom dress she just made for Chloe (hint hint). Here are the pictures. Thanks again, Curtis!