Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cute videos by the Burton kids

One night, Tyler, Audrey, Isaac and I had a little dance party. Tyler and Audrey made up a dance together and even though they will probably be mad that I put this on the blog, I just couldn't help it. Jon and Nathan were already asleep, so we had to turn the music really low. I wished we would have turned it up a little bit, but alas, we didn't, and I've already tried to talk them into doing it again with louder music and they won't. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. At least I got it on film!!!
In case you can't hear the music, the song they are dancing to is "You should be dancing" by the BeeGees. I think we had just watched "Despicable Me" that night, hence the reason that song was chosen.

Isaac also wanted to get into the action. He did his own version of a "minion" dance. There are a couple of pretty funny parts. In fact, I am having a contest for the best description of what baby animal Isaac looks like when he falls against the back of the couch.

Nathan's video was taken a different day. I think it is the influence of older siblings, but sometimes Nathan does not seem like an innocent little 3 year old. Sometimes I wonder if he secretly goes out "clubbing" at night. He is pretty good at movin' to the beat.

The last video for this posting is of Isaac with a homemade bread moustache. If you have ever watched Arturo Trejo vlogs on YouTube, specifically the family game show episode, you will get this joke. If you haven't seen it, sorry. Inside joke:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Audrey and Swiss Days

Ah yes. Swiss Days........Food booths, entertainment, and more crafts than you can stuff in your lederhosen. Last year, Audrey was in the Swiss Chorus. They performed a couple of times in the old town hall and were also able to ride in the parade. They were dressed in very cute Swiss outfits, but I'm not sure why they are called the Swiss Chorus, since the closest they got to singing any "Swiss" music was when they sang a couple of songs from "The Sound of Music." Still, it was a cute group of kids singing their hearts out.

I was only able to film one song, as the battery on my camera was about to die, but this was my favorite that they sang. So here is something to get you all looking forward to Swiss Days this year!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Better late than never:)

To my four dear followers,
I am so sorry for not blogging for so long. I thought I was only behind a couple of months, when I found pictures from last summer that needed to be immortalized on the blog, so here you go. Wonderful summer memories of 2010! No, that is not a typo. 2010. I am ashamed. Anyway, thought I would start catching up, as writing on this blog sounds a lot funner than cleaning up the dishes:) I will try to blog every week until I am caught up. So here is the first installment of.....many.

So here are last summer's highlights:

1) People smiling.....together.

2) Isaac living life to the fullest--as usual:) ( This may actually be from 2009, but I shouldn't be admitting that right now, should I?)

3)Having a very fun time with cousins at the Scottish Festival in Payson. Sure it's not Edinburgh, but its a bit more convenient:)
Why do I get chills every time I hear bagpipes play?

(Just teaching the boys about their Scottish heritage. Oh how fun the "appearance of evil" can be!)

Here are a couple of priceless videos from last summer. Keep in mind that my kids are all a year older now, but oh these are funny/darling/adorable!

Video #1 One day Nathan was riding his tricycle in the garage and singing "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" in his own little 2-year old and very BOYISH way. I just had to get this on film. It is sad to think that someday he will be too old to get away with stuff like this!

Video #2 He had calmed down a little bit more for this one so I actually think I got him singing a bit more of the song on this one. The priceless moment in this video is the look he gives me at the end when I ask him if that is how he is a "Sunbeam!" Priceless!

Video #3 Nathan and Audrey were at Grandma Burton's house when they wanted to show that Nathan had "learned" his ABC's. I have mixed feelings about his long, curly hair now that it is cut. I think Grandpa Burton was right when he said his hair should have been cut long ago!

Video #4 Now you get to see the crazy curly hair AND a messy chocolate ice cream face. It is Nathan at his finest! This video shows what a happy kid he is, and his insights:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fall Family Photos

I am finally getting around to posting our family photos that we took this Fall. It was a perfect day to picnic in one of my favorite spots. On a beautiful and sunny Saturday in October, the Lewis family met at Mack Park in Smithfield, Utah, to celebrate my mother's birthday. I love Mack Park for the beautiful trees and stream, the quiet surroundings, but mostly for all of the childhood memories that I have of running up and down the hills, hiding in the trees, and floating sticks down the river. Add to the picturesque location some sunny Fall weather and the beautiful colors of red, yellow, and orange everywhere, and you have the perfect day to picnic and play.

Our brother-in-law, Curtis Isaak, was kind enough to agree to take our family photos for us this year. He is incredibly talented and really knows what he is doing (he also may have a very nice camera as well that adds some amazing textures and shades to the pictures). He had a bit of a hard time getting the boys to sit still long enough to take their pictures, but Audrey was more than happy to pose for as many pictures as needed, as you will see:) Curtis finally just started taking action shots of Nate, but they turned out really great. I love all of these pictures, but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Audrey next to the leaves. The contrast of the colors in the picture are simply stunning with her golden hair. Well done, Curtis! It is so nice to have a photographer in the family now:) Both he and my sister are so incredibly artistic (really wish I had gotten the artistic genes, but didn't). If you want to see any of their amazing "goings-on" their blogs are sweetblogsaremadeofthis.blogspot.com and wannabeculinarian.blogspot.com. Curtis is the main blogger, but hoping that Katie posts some pictures of the amazing prom dress she just made for Chloe (hint hint). Here are the pictures. Thanks again, Curtis!