Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 Winter Highlights

One thing I love about Wintertime is watching the bald eagles that nest near Deer Creek Reservoir.  One day there were six sitting near each other on the ice.  Their massive black wings are so easy to spot against the snow  and they are so beautiful and majestic.  Does it mean I'm getting old that I enjoy bird-watching?

Audrey was able to participate in a dance camp sponsored by our very own Wasatch Waspettes.  They only received 3 days of instruction, but Audrey had fun.  She is in the middle at first, but comes to the front row half way through.  She has such a light in her!  
Tyler played in a Junior Jazz league in January and February.  He did a great job  and seemed to really have fun with it.  His greatest claim to fame was when, in the last few seconds of a game, he chucked the ball from the opposite 3 point line and swooshed the last basket of the game.  The crowd went wild, the refs threw their arms up in amazement, the high school basketball coach was going crazy, and Tyler's team was going crazy.  He had quite a few people talking about it for days after.  If only we had been videoing!

Isaac also played in a competitive basketball league that he has played with for a year.  They worked really hard, practiced twice a week, and took 1st in their division!  They are a great bunch of kids.
Isaac and his team top left to right:  Ben Harris (coach), Conner, Will Richards, Isaac Burton, Davin, Sam Ballsteadt (off to the side.  He was one of the coach's 4 year old sons who would give the team pep talks).
Bottom row:  Will Harris, Jude Ballesteadt, Hawke Ballsteadt, McGuire Law   (Not pictured:  Coaches Joe and Jamie Ballsteadt)
We are the champions!

Jon and I went on a special date to BYU's Traditions Ball, hosted by the Alumni Association.  My brother-in-law, Curtis, was actually in charge of it, so we had great "connections."  It was a wonderful night full of dancing to a live band, delicious refreshments, and entertainment in an amazing atmosphere.  I hope the BYU Traditions Ball can become an anuual special date night for Jon and me.  We loved it!

It was so fun to dress up in formal attire.  As a mother of 4, I don't get that chance very often!  I did wonder what I was going to wear, but I remembered some fancy dresses I had seen in my Mother-in-law's basement.  Lynda was a Home-Ec. major at BYU and became quite a gifted seamstress.  This is one of the dresses that my mother-in-law made in the 60's!  What some people see as "old,"  I see as "vintage."  When someone said they loved my dress and asked where I had found it, well, it made for a good story:)

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