Monday, June 20, 2011

Better late than never:)

To my four dear followers,
I am so sorry for not blogging for so long. I thought I was only behind a couple of months, when I found pictures from last summer that needed to be immortalized on the blog, so here you go. Wonderful summer memories of 2010! No, that is not a typo. 2010. I am ashamed. Anyway, thought I would start catching up, as writing on this blog sounds a lot funner than cleaning up the dishes:) I will try to blog every week until I am caught up. So here is the first installment of.....many.

So here are last summer's highlights:

1) People smiling.....together.

2) Isaac living life to the fullest--as usual:) ( This may actually be from 2009, but I shouldn't be admitting that right now, should I?)

3)Having a very fun time with cousins at the Scottish Festival in Payson. Sure it's not Edinburgh, but its a bit more convenient:)
Why do I get chills every time I hear bagpipes play?

(Just teaching the boys about their Scottish heritage. Oh how fun the "appearance of evil" can be!)

Here are a couple of priceless videos from last summer. Keep in mind that my kids are all a year older now, but oh these are funny/darling/adorable!

Video #1 One day Nathan was riding his tricycle in the garage and singing "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" in his own little 2-year old and very BOYISH way. I just had to get this on film. It is sad to think that someday he will be too old to get away with stuff like this!

Video #2 He had calmed down a little bit more for this one so I actually think I got him singing a bit more of the song on this one. The priceless moment in this video is the look he gives me at the end when I ask him if that is how he is a "Sunbeam!" Priceless!

Video #3 Nathan and Audrey were at Grandma Burton's house when they wanted to show that Nathan had "learned" his ABC's. I have mixed feelings about his long, curly hair now that it is cut. I think Grandpa Burton was right when he said his hair should have been cut long ago!

Video #4 Now you get to see the crazy curly hair AND a messy chocolate ice cream face. It is Nathan at his finest! This video shows what a happy kid he is, and his insights:)