Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cute videos by the Burton kids

One night, Tyler, Audrey, Isaac and I had a little dance party. Tyler and Audrey made up a dance together and even though they will probably be mad that I put this on the blog, I just couldn't help it. Jon and Nathan were already asleep, so we had to turn the music really low. I wished we would have turned it up a little bit, but alas, we didn't, and I've already tried to talk them into doing it again with louder music and they won't. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. At least I got it on film!!!
In case you can't hear the music, the song they are dancing to is "You should be dancing" by the BeeGees. I think we had just watched "Despicable Me" that night, hence the reason that song was chosen.

Isaac also wanted to get into the action. He did his own version of a "minion" dance. There are a couple of pretty funny parts. In fact, I am having a contest for the best description of what baby animal Isaac looks like when he falls against the back of the couch.

Nathan's video was taken a different day. I think it is the influence of older siblings, but sometimes Nathan does not seem like an innocent little 3 year old. Sometimes I wonder if he secretly goes out "clubbing" at night. He is pretty good at movin' to the beat.

The last video for this posting is of Isaac with a homemade bread moustache. If you have ever watched Arturo Trejo vlogs on YouTube, specifically the family game show episode, you will get this joke. If you haven't seen it, sorry. Inside joke:)